The Opportunity: Taking the friction out of giving to charity

By 2030, millennials are expected to inherit more than $68 trillion and see their wealth grow fivefold. 

The US market for digital personal finance solutions (such as robo-advisors) is growing at a compound annual growth rate (“CAGR”) of 19.3%, and on track for transaction value totaling $960.5 billion in 2021 and $1.95 trillion in 2025.

Uncommon Giving is making it easy for that money to reach nonprofits and the people and causes who depend on them.

Making an early-stage fintech investment available to everyone

Uncommon Giving believes in ownership of our shares by people who believe in our mission. As more capital moves to private markets, individual and smaller investors are seeking access to companies that have the potential to be game changers. Uncommon is seeking to grow by raising capital under Regulation A, a program that allows individual investors access to opportunities normally available only to larger private investors. 

Our vision is that our donors are our investors and our investors are our donors. 

Uncommon is creating generosity-themed investment products

ETFs can grow donors’ money before choosing a charity and allow them to invest in companies they believe in. We have already launched our first Uncommon ETF.

Themed ETFs so anyone can invest in companies that share their values.

Our proprietary Uncommon 50 Generosity Equity Index, a rules-based proprietary methodology that scores companies on a combination of metrics, including:

  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Community support
  • Employee generosity benefits

Target market: $16.6 trillion ESG assets with US money managers, $6.1 trillion in institutional investing assets

Chart showing ESG incorporation by money managers from 2005 to 2020
Uncommon Giving workplace platform shown on Mac computer and Macbook.

Uncommon makes corporate social responsibility programs easier to manage and more impactful

Uncommon Workplace Generosity: Companies can have a corporate giving program with less cost and paperwork while offering more options to employees.

Workplace Generosity accounts are portable like 401(k)s to give employees more control over their giving.

Target market: $21.09 billion in corporate donations

Uncommon Creates Tools to Make Giving Easy and Seamless

The Uncommon Giving Wallet: A single source to fund donations to nearly 1.3 million tax-exempt nonprofits. It's a donor-advised fund for everyone.

Give on the Go: Donors can give to any charity from any place at any time with just a few clicks.

UGIV Funds allow donors to give to multiple vetted nonprofits with a single donation.

Target market: $309.7 billion in individual giving

Uncommon Giving platform shown on Mac computer, tablet, and iPhone

Our Data & Listing Partners

An independent nonprofit whose research, rankings, indexes and data-driven tools empower all market participants to help build a more just economy

ESG data with 10+ years of history for more than 11,700 companies in 102 countries

Calculation of over 10,000 custom headline indices for more than 150 clients around the world

Exchange of choice for innovators, visionaries and leaders for over 225 years with nearly 80% of all U.S. ETP Assets Under Management listed

Each of the companies above is a valued data and service partner. However, none of these firms is involved in our current Regulation A+ offering or the operation of our business. None of them have endorsed, been consulted with or otherwise is engaged in this Uncommon Regulation A+ offering. The NYSE is not listing the Uncommon Regulation A+ offering, nor is there currently a secondary market for the sale of the units of Uncommon Giving Corporation.

Meet Our Founder

Experienced company leadership in financial services, workplace giving and investment management.

Headshot of Ron Baldwin

Ron Baldwin

Founder & CEO, Uncommon Giving Corporation

Uncommon’s veteran management team is led by Founder & CEO, Ron Baldwin.  During Ron’s 45 year career, he has overseen 60+ bank acquisitions, built a de novo bank from $15 million to nearly $4 billion in assets that later launched an initial public offering on the NASDAQ, and also helped grow BANK IV to $8 billion, guiding them through a merger with NationsBank / Bank of America.

Generosity is at the core of everything we do.

— Ron Baldwin, Founder & CEO, Uncommon Giving

Investment Perks

Investors in Uncommon Giving may choose to be rewarded with the option to open a newly funded Uncommon Giving Wallet – a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), where you will have the ability to choose from nearly 1.3 million nonprofits in the Uncommon Giving community to donate funds.

Tiers of investment perks:

Minimum investment amount

Amount in an Uncommon DAF account

$2,500 minimum investment

$50 in a DAF account

$5,000 minimum investment

$75 in a DAF account

$10,000 minimum investment

$150 in a DAF account

$25,000 minimum investment

$200 in a DAF account

With respect to amounts deposited into DAF accounts, such amounts are not available for withdrawal by the investor but will be donated to its ultimate nonprofit recipient following the recommendation of the investor. See offering circular for more detail.

We welcome you to join us as a shareholder as we bring for-profit fintech to the nonprofit world.